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2nd Quarter 2017 Newsletter

  • Bedbug Protocol Addendum Requirements CA kick in July 1, 2017 for residential rentals
  • Seller's Disclosure for Unimproved Land reveals important issues
  • Purchase Agreement for New Home Construction covers Builder's responsibilities
  • Options, Lease-Options, Exercise of Option gain traction
  • Mobile Home Purchase Agreements and Disclosures now available in CA and NV

Broker Forms

  • Property Management Agreement necessary to handle rentals
  • Sales Association Contract for brokerages hiring CA licensees
  • Escrow Time Line keeps track of critical contingencies

1st Quarter 2017 Newsletter

  • Commercial Lease changes drops Energy calculation and adds CASp inspection clauses
  • Toxic Materials Notice advises buyers of suggested investigations
  • Common Interest (PUD) Information Disclosure requests restrictions on unit rentals
  • Tenant Move In - Move Out Checklist avoids disputes
  • Tenant's Final Accounting advised when returning security deposit

Broker Forms

  • Duties when listing a Lease
  • 24-Hour Notice to Remove Contingency when a party to transaction doesn't perform
  • Buyer's Walk-Through Inspection documents issues

3rd Quarter 2016 Newsletter

  • Estimate of Seller's Proceeds helpful when comparing multiple offers
  • Confidentiality of Offer protects buyer's offer from being "shopped" to other buyers
  • Confidentiality Agreement keeps Seller's information private from others
  • Home Equity Purchase Agreement required when a Notice of Default filed on a CA home
  • Exchange Agreement clearly identifies two-party agreement obligations
  • Land Purchase Agreement tailored for vacant land or lots

Broker Forms

  • Proof of License required of CA licensees when home has a Notice of Default
  • Agency Confirmation required when not already included in transaction contract

4th Quarter 2015 Newsletter (not available online)

  • Statement of Representation needed to define a party is a Corporation, LLC, partnership
  • Short Term Rental protects Owner in vacation rental, AirBNB, VRBO
  • Receipt for Funds or Documents verifies delivery and time
  • Buyer's Residential Checklist advises over 100 considerations during escrow
  • Roommate Rental Agreement most helpful when sharing your space

Broker Forms

  • Intellectual Property License gives assurances that use of artwork or photo is legitimate
  • Commercial Agency Disclosure now required on transactions as of 1/1/2016